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by LakeEnd
16 Jul 2015 21:14
Forum: FinFleet - Recruitment
Topic: New Recruitment forum
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New Recruitment forum

New recruitment forum on the new server.
by LakeEnd
23 Apr 2015 12:41
Forum: FinFleet - Recruitment
Topic: Application - Tomsudy
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Re: Application - Tomsudy

Be nice dark :)
by LakeEnd
18 Mar 2015 12:58
Forum: FinFleet - Recruitment
Topic: Application - Jayvaudan
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Re: Application - Jayvaudan

Had nothing to do with skillpoints, killboards or elitism.
by LakeEnd
03 Mar 2015 14:35
Forum: FinFleet - Recruitment
Topic: Re-Application - theborgresurection1
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Re: Re-Application - theborgresurection1

Hi theborgresurection1, Im sorry to tell you I have asked around (Klezz etc) and I cant really find anyone who remembers you well enough to vouch you.
As we operate fully on vouches you can probably see how thats a problem.

Anyway thank you for the application, but we need to pass this time :(
by LakeEnd
15 Feb 2015 20:01
Forum: FinFleet - Recruitment
Topic: Recruitment Rules -- READ THIS FIRST
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Re: Recruitment Rules -- READ THIS FIRST

Recruitment requirements "relaxed" back to what they were.
by LakeEnd
19 Jan 2015 10:29
Forum: FinFleet - Recruitment
Topic: Application: Khorum
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Re: Application: Khorum

Khorum wrote:
Lazybones wrote:I like people with dogs!
We need more people with fourlegged animals in the corp, specifically dogs in the corp i think.
So in retrospective this wasn't the best endorsement?

Lol necro
No that counted as -1 :P
by LakeEnd
30 Dec 2014 10:54
Forum: FinFleet - Recruitment
Topic: Rhistel Stormshield
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Re: Rhistel Stormshield

Sadly a kb tells a story, this is a pvp corp after all.
by LakeEnd
03 Dec 2014 13:50
Forum: FinFleet - Recruitment
Topic: application balluf/akka
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Re: application balluf/akka

Vouches arent the problem in this case, missing the recruitment window is :(
by LakeEnd
03 Dec 2014 13:48
Forum: FinFleet - Recruitment
Topic: Application - Ella Meer
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Re: Application - Ella Meer

This one is closed hamish.
by LakeEnd
03 Dec 2014 13:47
Forum: FinFleet - Recruitment
Topic: Application - Luna Negra
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Re: Application - Luna Negra

Kids are just excuse for you to focus on your fapping palander instead of playing eve.
by LakeEnd
29 Nov 2014 13:30
Forum: FinFleet - Recruitment
Topic: Re-appliacation Rattlhed / Spikey
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Re: Re-appliacation Rattlhed / Spikey

Thats some heroic effort put into the app =)
by LakeEnd
24 Nov 2014 10:28
Forum: FinFleet - Recruitment
Topic: Reapplication Arthanysis
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Re: Reapplication Arthanysis

We tried to send every ex-finfleeter that mail.
So it might have gotten send to old email you had on forums or been treated as spam.
by LakeEnd
03 Nov 2014 14:05
Forum: FinFleet - Recruitment
Topic: Application meh wah eh
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Re: Application meh wah eh

Baracuda wrote:
max walsh wrote:+1 boyo
max walsh, the guy formerly known as malet
Your info is outdated ;)
by LakeEnd
29 Oct 2014 10:49
Forum: FinFleet - Recruitment
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Muzz if you are gonna reapp, you need to really post a new app.

Although I must warn you, someone with Amok in corp history and whole 16 days in Finfleet is gonna be a hard sell.