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1. Characters name:
Juzaa Thunderous

2. Race

3. Mmo history of you, games, guilds
Well i have been playing World of Warcraft about one year, Guild Wars 1 year, Tabula Rasa few months. And i have been in many guilds. Some names i dont remember but like "main guilds" there is few where i spent most of my playing time like Routa and Vaeltajat. I'm administrator in xbox360 clan called Art Of Ninjitsu but there im pretty inactive right now. Others online games what i have been playing for longer times and where i have somekind clan/guild history are Warcraft 3 + Expansion, Battlefield 2+expansions, Halo2-3, Liero Extreme...

4. Anyone you know already in our guild
Not really. I'm just random dude which was interest about finnish guild in DF and then i luckily found FN. I know only some nicknames...

5. How did you find this forum

6. Why would you join us
I was looking for long time some new mmo game because all those level and gear orientated games bored me. So i found DF and then i found FN which did feel right place for right game. Here i found mature and vise ppl, so here im trying to join your guild. :P

7. Short introduction of yourself
I'm 19 years old finnish player. I like games and game communitys. I have been playing as far as first school class or even later so im pretty experienced. About my personality i can say that i'm loyal and sosiable , too kindly sometimes. I can endure some responsibles and i can stand critism. About my gaming activity i'd like to play and if i could i'd play all nights but there's so many thinks which limit my playing. So i could say im semiactive. My english skills lack little bit so i can read english very well and write bearable but speaking english is my bad spot. And also im Good Looking(bad joke). :P

ACCEPTED - Roninman
Massa mikä massa jauhoa pölyyttämällä löytää reijän (kosteikko nääs) ja viimeistään sieltä mistä löytyy sellasia kahvipavun näkösiä juttuja.. Mut se voi olla väärä holeksi...

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