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Recruitment Rules -- READ THIS FIRST

Posted: 01 Sep 2007 02:38
by klezz
When you want to join FinFleet...:

Finfleet recruitment requirements

Alliance wanted to set some numeric limits, these are something we have had in place anyway, but here are the strict numbers.

1. You are a real life friend of current finfleet member = autoinvite.
2. You are an old finfleet member that has good standings with the corp = autoinvite.
3. You are actually a finfleet members alt and your alt information have been posted here in forums = autoinvite. :)

4. You are an older char, that we have ties to or you have extensive EVE background. Post an application on the FF forums (Public) where you fill up the questionare. After you have posted your application, several interwiews will be held and application time will be something between 3-4 weeks. During that time not only directors will be involved in that, but also members in general, they will be invited to chat with you and generally make sure that you like the mood of FINFL as a corp. If you REALLY want to join FINFL, then you wouldn't mind waiting 3-4 weeks = time will tell if you have patience to join this gaygroup.

5. No one of us knows you, you don't have any contact to FINFL as a corporation and your application is not extensive = reject.

All players interested to join FinFleet, regardless of their status, must answer the questionnaire and post their application to this public Forum as well to NCDOT Forum ... ecruitment

Even if you are a RL friend, you fill the questionnaire and post it on both forum.

After you have read this, please proceed to application form.


Also you have to provide upon request a full Account API key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that this thread is/was made from my loved CEO KLEZZ. However, at any time / point that i feel an application goes no where. I am intend to close that thread. Your friendly recruitment officer Lord Hamish

Re: Recruitment Rules -- READ THIS FIRST

Posted: 06 Mar 2014 11:08
by LakeEnd
We are adding requirement of providing full API for all your accounts when you apply.
This is procedure is in line with what is required from the alliance anyway.

Re: Recruitment Rules -- READ THIS FIRST

Posted: 15 Feb 2015 20:01
by LakeEnd
Recruitment requirements "relaxed" back to what they were.