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Take me seriously, plz
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Application Sakura Yadomaru

Post by Sakura » 26 Oct 2014 01:37

Ingame main name: Sakura Yadomaru
Alts: No alt's, unless you count the inactive ones on same account then they are Kato Itonula, Shadowlon.
Timezone: (UTC) Monrovia, Reykjavík


Q: Please explain to us how your characters skills are assigned and what are you planning to do in future. We do not have any sort of skillpoint limits - but we need to know what are your plans for the future.

A: My character is a Caldari shield based tank. Long range missiles bombardment. Like being far away, but I don't mind playing up close, my favorite is being the tank and take the heat while others reek some havoc. But my current aim is going full logi cause that seems alot of fun, so my current aim is Scimitar even though it's not a Caldari I like to have my finger in everything huehue, guardian is a road I want to choose aswell cause I want to join the fleet as soon as possible(lacking sp but want to have sp that count). Supporting everyone cause beeing a important role is also what i strive for. I want to fly big and play large endgame, but for that I need friends to fly with and have some in game fun( also fun in real life with friends FANFEST !! ) So to sum it up, play big, fun, support my friends in upcoming battles , fun...
Q: Please explain to us your EVE history. What have you done during your EVE-life , what corps you have been in the past, why did you leave them, where you in any director roles in your past corporation and such information intrests us. Basicly, a short bio of you and EVE.

A: Started playing this game the day it came out, cause first time and Iceland cool game gets out there and being an icelandic gamer ofcourse. But dropped out a little cause didn't understand it all that much and wasn't too much to do, so I eventually lost that character cause of inactivity and they deleted it. I started again with another which I lost track of. But at it again, and playing it for fun, been mostly gaining rep with Caldari navy and doing some mining so I've got skills for industry/mining. Was going for Tengu, all skills ready for that but not smart to fly what you can't afford so that took a big U turn. Like exploring so I wander into a wormhole and die cause ...well not smart going 2 into a big black wormhole then ganked by 5 other guys :P

I was in T.E.D-Xray, no members active, only me and one other, died out kinda, was a recruitment officer there(very short time, didn't have invitation rights, very confusing setup from there), was there for half a year or so.

Q: How did you hear about FinFleet?

A: I heard it through a friend of mine from real life who is playing with me, and he heard it from a friend of ours in FinFleet who we meet at FanFest 2014.(drinking buddies through that pubcrawl)

Q: What do you expect from FinFleet?

A: Sinking even deeper into space of EVE , blow shit up, and have fun with corpmates and drink with them at FanFest ... have shitloads of fun :D

Q: Do you have any real-life friends who are current FinFleet members? Do you have anyone in FinFleet who is willing to support your application?

A: Simon (splockster) is a friend of mine that I've been keeping in touch with since last fanfest.

Q: Are you gay?

A: Once a year, but then I'm put into a closet and locket inn :/ bring your Titan ;) and break me out if you know what I mean huehue

Q: Do you own a Drum Kit?

A: Does my belly count ?

Q: Do you own any Basset Hounds?

A: Hehe no I'm sorry I don't, but I've got a cat with a pink collar called Muffin :)

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Re: Application Sakura Yadomaru

Post by splockster » 26 Oct 2014 01:46

vouched! a solid guy with the kind of love for the game this corp needs. a little short on sp but makes up for it everywhere else....if ya knoe what i mean :D

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