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Michelle Jarre
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application michelle jarre

Post by Michelle Jarre » 29 Oct 2014 15:52

Ingame main name: Michelle Jarre
Alts: svingor,streepler,skytaker as accounts + cynoalts on each


Q: Please explain to us how your characters skills are assigned and what are you planning to do in future. We do not have any sort of skillpoint limits - but we need to know what are your plans for the future.

A: all accounts are around 100M points and can do pretty much everything.

Q: Please explain to us your EVE history. What have you done during your EVE-life , what corps you have been in the past, why did you leave them, where you in any director roles in your past corporation and such information intrests us. Basicly, a short bio of you and EVE.

A: finfleet is where i have been for like pretty much all my eve history.

Q: How did you hear about FinFleet?

A: local gayclub

Q: What do you expect from FinFleet?

A: some serious spaceshipaction and good laughs on ts

Q: Do you have any real-life friends who are current FinFleet members? Do you have anyone in FinFleet who is willing to support your application?

A: no havent really played for like 2 years

Q: Are you gay?

A: yup

Q: Do you own a Drum Kit?

A: no, gave it to grasfer

Q: Do you own any Basset Hounds?

A: no, only angry chihuahahas

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Sky Marshall
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Re: application michelle jarre

Post by LakeEnd » 30 Oct 2014 13:13

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