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1. Characters name: Pekka Paukku

2. Race: Mahirrim

3. Mmo history of you, games, guilds: A friend got me hooked in Ultima Online in the late 90's, and after that I've been an addict. I have been looking for the next fix in quite a few mmo's during the years, but if it is necessary to mention some then in these games (guilds) I spent the most time in: UO (order of Wolfenstein), Anarchy Online (The Mockers), DAOC (SFP), Starwars Galaxies (FIN), WOW (Sisu), EVE (Finfleet, InnoSense), Age of Conan (Wanha, Pohjola).

4. Anyone you know already in our guild: Yes.

5. How did you find this forum: I have been part of the furniture since I joined Finfleet.

6. Why would you join us: I find your guild intriguing.

7. Short introduction of yourself: I'm a 31-year old male from Tampere, mostly housebroken but some additional training may be needed. Gamewise I like a more relaxed approach, and much prefer a fun bunch of people instead of a guild that takes gaming too seriously. Hobbies include "playing" the keyboards and guitar (much to the horror of others), dabbling with electronics including RC-stuff, and beer and sausage.

ACCEPTED - Viikinki, just apply to clan in game
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