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1. Characters name: Kuolo Musta

2. Race: Mahirim

3. Mmo history of you, games, guilds: WoW (Guild, Anvil Of Crom), WAR, AoC (Guilds: Anvil of Crom and Wanha), LotRO

4. Anyone you know already in our guild: If Arru is same person who was in Wanha then I might know him. :) And ofcourse if he remembers me.

5. How did you find this forum: I was member of Wanha.

6. Why would you join us: Because Core of this guild is finnish and part of finnexus, so it can't be bad or can it? :D

7. Short introduction of yourself: I'm almost 26 year old head of family(incl. 2 kids, 1 slave who does homeworks in here and ofcourse me the Don). My plaiyng is not going to be 24/7 because some distractions at home, but I can surely play that 2x10 min per week. :) And rest I could bleed for you when I hopefully get accepted to guild.

ACCEPTED - Roninman
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